The Truth About Competition

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Just got out of a meeting with a business owner.

She was raving about the other businesses in her community — even her competitors.

It got me thinking about some things I'd read recently, specifically the book The Go-Giver.

The main character in the book continues to refer business to competitors when it's not right for him, and refuses to ever speak ill of his competitors.  

This is such a good practice to incorporate in our businesses.

Here’s why you should never trash your competitors.

1) It makes people feel like your product or your service is not strong enough to stand on its own.

If your business can only work if the other options are terrible, then you don’t have a strong business.

“You never succeed 🏆by other people failing😩😩.”


2) It makes people wonder what you say about them when they're not in the room.❓❓❓❓

“If you say it about them, what do they say about me?”

You erode your trust when you bash another.

3) It creates goodwill to speak highly of other businesses (and competitors). 👍👍👍

If you read the book, The Go-Giver, you know that the example or the scenario that the author describes where the main character refers business against his best interest to a competitor.

That competitor calls him back with a referral that changes the main character's business forever.

It was all because he created that goodwill and he passed on a client earlier in the story.

As a way of repaying the favor, he sends back a client referral that changes his life.

So those are 3 reasons why you should never speak ill of your competition.

I hope this makes sense. I hope you can implement this in your own life and business.


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